Complete Yelp! Badge List

The Yelp Badges are listed below. 

Click on the how to get this badge link on each badge for specific information about how to get that badge.

Icon Name Badge Message Active? How to get this badge
0 rookie1 Rookie

Ooh.. We like the cut of your jib!  Welcome to the club, Rookie!  Don't think that's the end of it though.  There's a big world out there, so keep checking in.  There are badges to be had!

How to get the Rookie badge?

1 pro Pro


Outsanding!  Kick those Rookie days to the curb - you're a Pro now, baby!  But don't rest on your laurels.  There's more in store for those with the cojones.  Think you can reach the next level of check-in greatness?  Godspeed, yelper, and don't think we're not at least a little proud of you.  We are.


Active How to get the Pro badge?

2 master Master


Would you feel this iron grip handshake!  Now that's the thumb-strentgh of a bona fide check-in Master!  The question remains though: do you have what it takes to conquer the elusive and exclusive next level?  Few do.  Good luck, my friend, and may the Yelp be with you.


Active How to get the Master badge?

3 describe the image Yelpus Maximus


Huzzah!  You've earned what all those Rookies, Pros and Masters have sought - the ultimate badge:  Yelpus Maximus.  Welcome to the elite crew.  You are truly an inspiration to all the folks out there checking in.  Now go treat yourself to something nice.  You deserve it, champ!


Active How to get the Yelpus Maximus Badge?

4 trueyelper True Yelper
You check-in and you write reviews about those places. You're a True Yelper, and we're proud of you. Active How to get the True Yelper badge?

5 sushisensei Sushi Sensei
Bansai! You just earned the Sushi Sensei badge for recently checking in to 6 sushi restaurants. Just go easy on the wasabi. Active How to get the Sushi Sensei badge?
6 gym junkie Gym Junkie
Pump.  Stretch.  Sweat.  Must.  Not.  Miss.  A.  Workout.  All these check-ins definitely earned you a Gym Junkie badge.
Active How to get the Gym Junkie badge?
7 big night Big Night
You know how you have those epic nights filled with good food and drink and asorted revelry?  You're having one.
Active How to get the Big Night badge?
8 soused Soused
Wow!  You earned the Soused Badge!  Hope you've got your drinkin' pants on.  Even the most seasoned revellers would have troule keeping up with you after 4 bar check-ins in one night!
Active How to get the Soused badge?
9 instigator Instigator You've just earned the Instigator badge! Ain't no bull (horn) about it, when you check-in somewhere, your friends follow Active How to get the Instigator badge?

10 glamorama Glamorama You earned the Glamorama badge! Looking this good is not just an art, it is an extension of your personality. Active How to get the Glamorama badge?

11 conehead Conehead Woo!  You earned the Conehead badge!  You clearly scream for ice cream.
Active How to get the Conehead badge?
12 globetrotter yelp badge Globetrotter You earned the Globetrotter badge!  Your yelping knows no boundaries! Active How to get the Globetrotter badge?

13 mexi can Mexi-can You earned the Mexi-Can Badge!  Just an FYI: a burrito is not a food group.
Active How to get the Mexi-can badge?
14 describe the image Bacchus You earned the Bacchus badge!  In vino veritas.  You certaintly know your pinots. Active How to get the Bacchus badge?

15 brewed awakening yelp badge Brewed Awakening


You earned the Brewed Awakening badge!  Having a steaming cup of java before 8am makes you quite the coffee achiever!


Active How to get the Brewed Awakening badge?

16 domestic Domestic What some see as a chore, you see as a score!  Need it be laundred or grocered, gassed up, packed up or bought.  You get it done.  And for that kind of foxy moxy a badge... we dub thee: Domestic!
Active How to get the Domestic badge?
17 Nighthawk Nighthawk Cheers to a seasoned professional of all things nocturnal (AM's the new PM anyway, right?)  So, congratulations, sport! You're now clutching the Nighthawk badge. Active How to get the Nighthawk badge?
17 global domination yelp badge Global Domination
Whether it's coq au vin, pad see ew, bratwurst or some other worldly vittle, your taste buds are ready to conquer them! Active How to get the Global Domination Badge
17 crosstown Magic yelp badge Crosstown Magic
Wow, from one 'hood to the next all in one day, you sure know how to get around! Active How to get the Crosstown Magic badge?